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Anker 41

Wilhelm Klotzek: Die Peripherie singt, 2021
audio piece, 10min, U - Bhf. Senefelder Platz
© Mischa Leinkauf für SONIC CITY

Dada Art Projects in collaboration with Mischa Leinkauf

an exhibition platform for sound art in urban space


Wilhelm Klotzek
Sandra Man
Nik Nowak
Ed Davenport

artistic direction: Mischa Leinkauf
project management: Daniela von Damaros

Duration: 23 August - 19 September 2021

Locations & Timetable:

U- Bahnhof Senefelder Platz (U2, platform)

Wilhelm Klotzek: Die Peripherie singt, 2021, Audio piece ca. 10 min.

Mo-Thu 4:10 am & 09:50 pm, Fr 4:10 am, Sun: 3:20 am & 9:50 pm

Park at Marx-Engels-Forum

Sandra Man: Public Elsewhere 06 | Die Straße, 2021, Audioinstallation

Performed by Joséphine Evrard, voice recording Retox Studio / Fernand Kelzer

8:00 min, language: german

Daily 7:00 am & 07:30 pm

Volkspark Humboldthain (near swimming pool)

Ed Davenport: Under Construction, 2021, Soundinstallation

Part 1: Mo-Fr 05:17 pm, Sat-Sun 11:11 am

Part 2: Mo-Fr 7:30 am & 10:00 pm

Paste into GoogleMaps: 52.54483262570326, 13.382684627337376

Am Postbahnhof (Pinke Rohre)
Nik Nowak: Rabbit Hole, 2021, Soundinstallation

Daily 12:00 pm, 05:00 pm and 10:00 pm
Paste into GoogleMaps: 52.50784398982743, 13.437546947738944

Statement by Mischa Leinkauf (artistic director):

"We often neglect what is dark and mysterious. It remains hidden from us in our daily lives. For me, however, many of the

tunnels and canals, as well as otherwise closed urban spaces, are

filled with great poetry. As contemporary caves, they invite us to reflect on the construct of the metropolis, and at the same time they represent the deep

human longing to move from darkness into light.

Places such as storm drains, utility shafts and railway tunnels, have

mostly inconspicuous doors to the public.

We pass through these interfaces every day, yet unnoticed."

Press release

The project is funded by the Bundesverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler (BBK) from the federal programme NEUSTART KULTUR of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM).

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