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26. 05. 2022, 9 pm


BIEST Berlin, Tomoko Nakasato and Schneider TM

curated by Daniela von Damaros

Location: former film studios Berlin-Tempelhof

As part of the Bauwendefestival 2022, the performance SQUAREWEAR by the Berlin-based designer duo BIEST with Tomoko Nakasato and Schneider TM will celebrate a world premiere.

The clothing concepts of BIEST, aka Mirko HInrichs and Silvio Scheller, are modular and follow the principle of "one piece of fabric". Their ideas also follow the tradition of the Japanese Kimono in the method of folding and layering the basic square shape. Their concepts stand for minimalism, sustainability, individualism and uniqueness. Each of the squares can be "built" into an unlimited number of garments: Clothes as dwelling, architectural construction, cover and unveiling.

Schneider TM aka Dirk Dresselhaus and Tomoko Naksasato perform for the first time with BIEST and show the square collection in a novel interactive movement and sound improvisation. The special setup with guitar and sensory-based modular system layers and weaves sounds that are created from body movements. 

Photo and video: Clara Twele

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