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Anker 26

Sound on! © Alexandra Woczinski

Dada Art Projects in collaboration with Project Space 145 Berlin:

and darkness only lasts 'til dawn

Kirstin Burckhardt, Nathalie Grenzhäuser, Mischa Leinkauf, Via Lewandowsky, Maslowski/ Grenzhäuser, Kristina Popov, Evgenia Usimova, Jochen Andres Wiese

curated by Daniela von Damaros

Duration: April 1 - 11, 2021


Projektraum 145 
Invalidenstr. 145, 10115 Berlin

Opening hours
daily 12 – 10 pm
Booking appointment


What is darkness exactly and what can we “see” when it’s dark? Maybe much more than when the light is blinding us?

The exhibition traces the process of seeing in the dark. The works take the recipient into spaces of darkness, such as hidden architectures or remote, abandoned places. They also let the viewer plunge into avoided psychic spaces like emotional states of fear, loneliness and despair. Above all the artworks concordantly mark a transformational moment in the perception of darkness. Conventional associations of darkness and its allegories, as bundled in the vanitas, are confronted with new aesthetics that allow the recipient to recognize:


“the darkness does not exist. In reality, it’s just a word we are using to describe the absence of light.” (Albert Einstein)

Floorplan & Text

List of works

Exhibition views:

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