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Anker 12

Invisible Spaces I

Kirstin Burckhardt & Tom Früchtl

curated by Daniela von Damaros

18.- 30.05.2019

former Bar K Berlin, Köthener Str. 28, 10963 Berlin

Vernissage 18.05.19, with a performance by Kirstin Burckhardt at 8pm


In the exhibition, we encounter two artistic positions that could not be more different in content and expression, and which nevertheless unite one thing in their artistic idea: Their works have a border-extending effect. They question definitions of materiality and make us aware of the existence of new, previously invisible spaces of meaning. In Kirstin Burckhardt's case, these are those of the human body, and in Tom Früchtl's case those of the medium of painting. In the exhibition, these spaces are made tangible to us through her works.

Exhibition Text/ Floorplan

Exhibition views:

Tom Früchtl FLASH 2019
Tom Früchtl FLASH 2019
Kirstin Burckhardt COATS (so that the world doesn‘t enter so fast) 2018
Kirstin Burckhardt BESCHLAFENE BLÄTTER 2019
Kirstin Burckhardt BESCHLAFENE BLÄTTER 2019

© Daniela von Damaros

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