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Einladung Vanish Bild Final.jpg
Anker 17

Invisible Spaces III

- to vanish

Heike Gallmeier

Soloshow, 16.11.-28.11.2019

curated by Daniela von Damaros

Bar K Berlin Gallery, Köthener Str. 28, 10963 Berlin

Short introduction:

Worn or dusty floors, cracked and discolored wallpaper, smells in the walls – all of these are relics of once existing and functioning architectures, working and living spaces. Similar traces of such vanished places are also condensed in the multi-media room installation by Heike Gallmeier, shown as third part of the exhibition series „Invisible Spaces“ in the former Bar K. Gallmeiers method of deconstructing space by means of a fragmentation of her artistic medium of painting intensifies the process of disappearance and at the same time reveals a potential of the resulting void. Gallmeier's work challenges the viewer to constantly reorient themselves, to move in the installation. The emptiness that once arose through the dissolution of space offers a scope for movement that opens up unimaginable perspectives.

Exhibition text


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Ausstellungsansichten/ exhibition views Nr. 2 - 5 © Heike Gallmeier; Nr. 1, 6 - 9 © Daniela von Damaros

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