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Curator's statement

"We live our lives in a network of "betweenness" (Aidagara 間柄), which is the extension of subjective space or intersubjective field. This is none other than the living space of interconnected meanings and actions that we experience in our everyday activities, where temporality and spatiality are inseparable. (Watsuji Tetsurō)

Daniela von Damaros focuses in her projects on an in-between space, as a place where definitions of art theory and anthropology can be questioned. The experience of this space is made possible by the selection of artworks, which offers a new approach beyond categories, allow a shift of perspective and ideally a reflection and change of previous ways of thinking. Additionally, this in-between space is always thought with its communication potential for the viewer and finds expression in the spacial concept as well as in the accompanying program of events. Namely, every aspect of her work is guided by the vision of an active involvement of the recipient and thus maximizing the effectiveness of the artworks in the exhibition.

Exhibition view "Invisible Spaces II", Dennis Rudolph - MSG 11 (Painting AR/VR, Oil on Canvas) 2019

Photo: Yvonne Jordan
Artwork: Dennis Rudolph
"MSG 11", 2019

Daniela von Damaros was born under the name Daniela Dahlke in 1983 in Jena, Germany. She is an art historian, PhD candidate and freelance curator. She lives and works in Berlin.


She studied at the universities in Leipzig and in Vienna, focusing on classical modern painting in Western Europe, art after 1945 in the GDR and in China, as well as on contemporary art. After several jobs as curatorial assistant for exhibitions Germany-wide (KINDL Berlin, Mönchehaus Museum Goslar, Donner & Reuschel Hamburg & Munich) and in China (943project Kunming/ Lijang), she founded her own art communication programme called "Dada Art Projects" in 2019. Since then, she has been collaborating with various project spaces in Berlin (Bar K, Haunt, P145, Axel Obiger) and artists (Kirstin Burckhardt, Heike Gallmeier, Maik Schierloh, Stella Geppert, Anke Völk, René Wirths, Mischa Leinkauf, Dimitris Tzamouranis) to pursue an innovative approach to exhibition formats - with her label "Dada" as a reference to the maxim of the eponymous art movement.

Preparing "Invisible Spaces I", Tom Früchtl "Flash" (oil paint/ furniture door) 2019

Photo: Theresa Theisl
Artwork: Tom Früchtl "flash", 2019

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