Curator's Statement

„We live our life within a network of "Betweenness" (Aidagara 間柄), which is the extension of subjective space or intersubjective field. This is nothing other than the life-space of interconnected meanings and action we experience in our everyday activities, where temporality and spatiality are inseperable.“ (Watsuji Tetsurō)

In her curatorial projects, Daniela von Damaros focuses on an in-between space, as a place where definitions of art theory and anthropology can be questioned. Experiencing new spaces of meanings by shifting perspectives and expanding consciousness, allow to scrutinize mentalities. This is what, one might think, art effects per se. However, the concepts of "Dada Art Projects" are based on the space between the art and the beholder and its potential for communication. All aspects of her projects - the selection of the artistic works, the arrangement of the space and the framework program - are guided by the vision of an active involvement of the recipient, stimulating all senses, and thus extending the resonance space for a greatest possible effectiveness of the art on display.

Exhibition view "Invisible Spaces II", Dennis Rudolph - MSG 11 (Painting AR/VR, Oil on Canvas) 2019

Daniela von Damaros is born in Jena, Germany, in 1983. She is an Art Historian, PhD candidate and freelance Curator. She lives and works in Berlin.

She studied at the University of Leipzig and in Vienna, with a focus on history of modern and contemporary art of the 20th and 21st centuries in Europe, East Germany and in China. A year ago, after several jobs as curatorial assistant for exhibitions in Germany and in China, she started her own business for art communication named "Dada Art Projects". Since then she has cooperated with various project spaces, curators and artists in Berlin to pursue an innovative approach to exhibition formats in line with her "Dada" label as reference to the maxim of the eponymous art movement.

Preparing "Invisible Spaces I", Tom Früchtl "Flash" (oil paint/ furniture door) 2019

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