ways of distance & touch

Aug 6 – 23 2020, HAUNT, Berlin

Kirstin Burckhardt, Stella Geppert, Sara Lu, Susi Rosenbohm, Flavia Stagi, Charlotte Triebus

Curated by Daniela von Damaros

Duration  6 – 23 Aug 2020 / Thu – Sat 2 - 7 pm

Opening Weekend Thu 6 Aug – Sat 8 Aug 2 – 9 pm

Performance & Talk Thu 6 Aug and each Sat 4 – 9 pm

frontviews at HAUNT

Kluckstraße 23, 10785 Berlin

Performance & Talk Program
Thu  6 Aug 4 – 9 pm – FLAVIA STAGI
Sat   8 Aug 4 – 9 pm – STELLA GEPPERT
Sat 15 Aug 4 – 9 pm – SUSI ROSENBOHM
Sat 22 Aug 4 – 9 pm – SARA LU

additional Program, transmitted via Instagram Live Story:

Fri 7 Aug 3pm: Guided Tour; 4pm: Artist Talk with Charlotte Triebus

Fri 14 Aug 3pm: Guided Tour including Artist Talk with Flavia Stagi

Fri 21 Aug 3pm: Guided Tour including Artist Talk with Kirstin Burckhardt


For the performance program

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we kindly ask for a contribution of 5 € per person at the entrance

The new exhibition on display from 6 to 23 August 2020 at HAUNT, Frontviews’ new project space in Berlin-Tiergarten, takes the times of Corona and this threat period as thematic root, as well as the subsequent precautions and actions taken in this context. The exhibition draws on the drastic measures, such as social distancing and isolation through quarantine, distancing rules and face masks, and focuses on the effects experienced in our individual and collective daily lives as well as in our bodies.

CoNTACT combines six varied artistic angles whose work is expressed via the artistic medium of performance and deals with physicality. Through the use of their bodies paired with visual art such as drawings, paintings, videos and sculptures, the artists are able to address physical themes such as language, the senses, memories and pregnancy. Their work is concerned with alternative ways of touching, in a time that is characterised by physical distance.

When "deciphering" the title CoNTACT, the visitor is prompted to think of the start of the word "Corona" through the use of the lower-case letter "o". Additionally, isolated words such as "tact" or "act" and the abbreviation "Cont.", which are embedded in the title, serve to frame the exhibition concept. “Tact", or in German “Takt", refers to dexterity and sensitivity towards others and in challenging times. "Cont" is the abbreviation of the English word "continued", which is symbolic of the ongoing status of the Corona situation. “Act", in turn, stands for action and calls for an end to
passivity, in favour of an active reaction instead.

In this way, both the exhibit selection and the accompanying programme encourage the visitor to reflect upon their own reaction to the COVID-19 events and enables the artists and the visitors to enter into an active dialogue. The concept of the exhibition itself remains "fluid" in order to engage with the challenges of this time period. Additionally, all participating artists are free to invite other performance artists to the
space and make use of all HAUNT spaces and the work site for their performances. In addition, the exhibition house, known as the "pavilion", will hold a permanent display of the works of art that were created prior to, as well as during, the Corona period - which some of them will be exhibited for the first time.

Closely following a period of cultural silence, CoNTACT contributes to the revival of Berlin's art and culture scene, in a time of huge uncertainty when large collections are moving away from Berlin. Unused for over six years and one of Berlin’s rare backyard oases in the context of urban transformation, HAUNT is also further revived via CoNTACT’s installation as its second exhibition. HAUNT's spacious and openly designed rooms allow the public to be brought back into physical contact with art and
culture. Hygiene regulations and safety distances can also be maintained, via the inclusion of an additional entrance control point. In addition, an online programme via Instagram and in podcast form, allow a wider audience to experience the show even parallel to opening times and to be a part of it.

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