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Nicole_Kirstin_SchnittSkizze_2022-06-20_Version01.02_08_39_09.Still003bearb (1).jpg

Foto: Max Hilsamer


- a collaborative project by Kirstin Burckhardt and Nicole Wendel at HAUNT/ Frontviews Berlin

Co-Curator & text: Daniela von Damaros

Opening: August 27, 2022, 7 - 9pm

Location: HAUNT Berlin/ Frontviews, Kluckstr. 23a, backyard, 10785 Berlin


Based on the friendship of the two artists all of the artworks grew out of shared moments.


The title of the project is inspired by a quote by the writer David Whyte, who considers courage to be a consolidating force of relationships, and friendship as a constant power in life. B&W`s artworks propose a language of encounters as they reveal and highlight the essence of friendship: feelings that arise when the boundary of the ego dissolve and connectedness takes shape.

In a body-based practice B&W interweave moments of listening, supportive closeness, touch and care with body gestures of power(lessness) and control - a fine balancing act of emotionality.


A participative space invites guests to join performative encounters with the two artists.

Performative encounters ( each approx.  45min.): 

27.08.2022        2 pm

15.09.2022        5 pm

17.09.2022        2pm and 4 pm

Please mail us to reserve a slot here:

Stay tuned. More info coming soon!



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