09/06/2020 Review No.8.:

BIEST "Quadrat",

microfiber, zippers, snaps, chiffon, velcro

Collection 2018 + 2020, Installation & Performance


Everything in nothingness.

Where the story of an icon of modern art once began, the new collection from BIEST is now presented: moved and on stage. And in the exhibition How beautiful you are! It resembles a circus of the public and celebrates their last collection as a room installation at least as enjoyably.

BIEST - that's the Berlin designer duo Mirko & Silvio. Their concept stands for clear forms, for "less is more". With their collection "Quadrat" they set a zero point in the fashion world, a new beginning, innovation .

Just as the icon, "The Black Square (on white ground)" by Kasimir Malevich, bundles and simultaneously dissolves everything already painted in the black, from here all possibilities unfold and, through cracks in the surface (Craquelé́), the white of the background. The black square of fabric, carried by the body and on the skin, reveals that "behind" here and there, in patterns and through contour. The minimization of the form creates freedom and space for thinking, for associations, self-reflection and creativity! In this way, every square worn becomes an individual "dwelling", a place of well-being and a unique piece, which in its entirety leads to infinite variations of the same collection.


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